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In an erotic temple session we enter into a sacred space together. This session is a series of rituals that create a deep experience of connection and intimacy.

We begin with an extended practice of eye-gazing to build our initial connection, which then moves into a mutual undressing ritual. I undress you first and then you undress me. There is an opportunity for us to explore each other’s bodies.

The next stage in the experience is a feet washing ritual. Washing someone's feet has, for centuries, been regarded as a sacred act of honour and respect. In this experience it is also powerfully sensual and erotic.

We then move onto the massage element of the erotic temple experience, which takes place on a mattress on the floor. This provides opportunity for more body contact between us and deeper intimacy. You will receive a full body massage that includes genital and anal touch (internal prostate massage included at your request).

This part of the experience can be tailored to your particular desires. We can have a session that focuses on building sexual energy in your body or perhaps a session that is more focused on holding and caressing each other. We will discuss desires and boundaries in detail before the session starts.

We end the session by sharing some light food and drink together before you leave the temple.

The erotic temple is a 2 hour session, takes place on a floor mattress and costs £220.
Please note that erotic temple sessions cannot be booked as a first time appointment for new clients.
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