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Image by Lucas Benjamin


I became interested in erotic massage after going through my own journey of sexual exploration after years of disconnected and unfulfilling sexual experiences.  In a culture that often sends us shaming messages about our bodies and our sexuality I believe it is important to create space to enjoy the body's capacity for pleasure, without guilt or embarrassment. 
My aim in massage sessions is to welcome you exactly as you are and to help you let go and to feel pleasure.  I really enjoy giving caring sensual touch and believe this has many positive benefits physically and emotionally.
​I have undertaken professional massage training (with One Heart Tantra) in addition to attending a range of other workshops and retreats focused on touch and sexuality with Gay Love Spirit, Tantra 4 Gay Men, The Body Electric School, Authentic Eros, and Spirit Journeys. I have many years of experience offering erotic massage professionally and continue on my own personal journey exploring the intersection between spirituality and sexuality. 
I am a gay man in my early 40s, born and raised in Scotland. For privacy reasons I choose not to include a photo of myself on the website but when setting up an appointment I will gladly share a photograph with you if you request it.


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