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In a tantric massage more emphasis is put on building connection between us using tantric practices and rituals.

We begin building connection through the tantric practice of eye-gazing, simply breathing together and looking into each other’s eyes.
We then move into a sensual undressing ritual where I start to touch your body and slowly and mindfully remove your clothes. I also undress myself so we are both naked. Before moving into the massage there is an opportunity for us to awaken each other’s bodies through gentle sensual touch.

You will receive a full body massage that incorporates both genital and anal touch (including internal prostate massage at your request). The massage is slow and sensual as well as deeply stimulating. The aim in a tantric massage is to build sexual energy in the body.
Traditionally, ejaculation is discouraged in tantric massage as this can lead to expanded multi-orgasmic states. We will discuss this before the session starts but ejaculation is totally welcome if this is how you would prefer to complete the session.

The session takes place by candelight and I use organic coconut oil.

A tantric massage is a 90 minute session, takes place on a massage table and costs £140.
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