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How do I prepare for a session?

​​​The only requirement I have is that you arrive for your session freshly showered. If you would like internal prostate massage as part of your session douching is appreciated.

What happens during a session?

When you arrive we will have a brief chat so I can better understand what has drawn you to the session. We will discuss what will happen during the session, as well as our respective boundaries. Your only job then is to relax, receive and enjoy.


I am embarrassed by my body, is a session with you a good idea for me?

​If you are uncomfortable or embarrassed by your body then a session with me presents a wonderful opportunity to be seen and accepted. You are welcomed exactly as you are.  As someone who struggled for years with body shame, I can testify how healing touch can help create new feelings about your body.  Come along and let's celebrate the person that you are. 


Can I orgasm as part of the session?

Absolutely!  Orgasms are totally welcome and a very satisfying way to end a deeply relaxing massage. At the same time, if you are curious about the possibility of exploring expanded orgasmic states we can discuss the benefits of withholding ejaculation, which is a traditional tantric practice for conserving and building sexual energy in the body.


Can I shower at the end of the session?

Unfortunately, my studio space does not currently have showering facilities so I cannot offer a shower before or after the session.

How can I pay?

I accept payment in cash only.

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